Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Terrible beauty...

Life is hard... like two nights ago we almost went to the ER, my husband is home sick AGAIN, in a lil bit I have to wake an old lady and tend to her SMELLY, crazy and IRRITATING toileting routine HARD.

But life is also good.... like I'm finally a homeowner and I love this house even more every morning that I wake up, my children are really and TRULY turning into people I respect, my God has my eternity in His hands GOOD.

The trick is not ignoring one for the other.  We do not need to falsely convince ourselves everything is perfect. We should not allow ourselves to wallow in all that is wrong. The trick is realizing that one hand holds the tough and one hand holds the tender and TOGETHER the good and the bad make a BEAUTIFUL embrace. 

The tough is like seasoning that enhances the flavor of the good.  Without those tough things, our good things just WOULDN'T be as wonderful.

Today I hope you REJOICE in the good without turning away from the bad because there is beauty and joy and PURPOSE in both.

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