Sunday, January 25, 2015

A final chapter...

Nervous and very excited about tomorrow.  We are poised to start the final chapter of this story titled "Third surgery in 5 years. " Tomorrow John returns to work!

I am excited for him to go back to work.
*He goes NUTS when he can't WORK.  (Dude NEEDS a job to do). 
*While this current out-of-work-without-pay stint had been the least painful one so far, it still feels icky to have him not bringing in a paycheck.
*I am READY to get this family back to our REAL schedule.

At the same time,  I'm a little nervous.
*I'm expecting the return to be physically STRENUOUS for him.
*As much as I'm anxious to re-establish order in our schedule,  I will miss having him around all the time.

Alas, this is the way it goes. In every situation, there is good AND bad... excitement AND nerves...

We're just going to embrace both and cling to God as we walk through this concluding chapter.

Thanks for always journeying with us.

God bless.

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